Paulina Wegrzynek

Tuesday, September 8 2015 at 7:30PM

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38 Westgate Street
(Used to be 'the Rat & Parrot')

Paulina Wegrzynek

What's the talk about?

 Computer-mediated communication and social media have become a pervasive phenomenon in today’s society. People use social media as a platform for social expression and a tool for social change. Most recently, it has been argued that the accessibility and the mobility of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter mediated the crowd into participation in the 2011 English riots, the Occupy protests, and the “Arab Spring”. However, research into the social concepts of group decision making and group polarisation in the context of modern communication strategies is lacking. This talk will provide an overview of a recent study addressing this topic and discuss its findings and implications.

Paulina Wegrzynek is a research assistant in psychology and a postgraduate neuropsychology student at Bath Spa University. Her research interests and current work focus on social media and group decision making, employee well-being, and a link between depression and inflammation