What happens at these events?

Our talks take place in the upstairs bar of The West Gate in Bath (see the 'venue page' for details). The events start at 7:30pm and people can start arriving from around 7pm. There will be signs up so that you can find the room easily, or you can ask the bar staff who are very helpful.

What do these events cost?

At Bath Skeptics we simply ask for an optional donation of around £3.

We ask for donations as these events do have a cost attached to them (speakers costs, equipment costs etc.) and having a small donation from attendees can help us keep these events running and help us bring in speakers from further afield.

What actually happens?

The host for the evening will introduce the invited speaker. The speaker will then give their talk that will last approx. 1 hour (may be a bit less or more, it varies from person to person). Then there will be a 20 minute break so that people can grab a drink and stretch their legs. This is followed by a Q&A session in which you can put any questions you may have to our speaker.

What is the Q&A policy?

Not agreeing with somebody is fine, raising points that don't fit with their opinions is also fine. Being rude, abusive and interupting a speaker is not fine. We ask that attendees hold any questions that may have until this Q&A session to ensure the talk is not disturbed.

Abusive and rude questions or comments and inappropriate behaviour may result in you being asked to leave.

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